„tranzform“ is about DANCE (in German „Tanz“) and about TRANSFORMATION of ourselves such as transformation of the outer world – which necessarily goes together. Dance is the movement form of being and being means transformation.



CORE – Nucleus. Essence. Origin. Heart.

EMPOWERMENT – Reclaiming own power. Becoming skilled, strong and self-responsible. Self-Confidence, Self-Care, Self-Love.


My Work

I hold the space for you while you step into your heart, into your essence, into your life.
I can be your mirror, your waymarker, your reminder, your mentor and your companion.
If you truly say YES, if you really want to change your life.
And I promise, this path to yourself is gonna be rich and beautiful like a SOUL-DANCE.


Coaching & Training – Online & in Person

1:1 Sessions
Personal & Group Trainings ~ Seminars ~ Workshops ~ Retreats
On Core-Empowerment, Self-Love, Resilience & Mindful Awareness


Somatics – On Land

1:1 Sessions
Trainings ~ Workshops ~ Retreats
Holistic Bodywork on Land, Shiatsu, Conscious Touch, Energetic Healing


Aquatic Reconnection – In the Water

1:1 Sessions
Trainings ~ Aquatic Experiences ~ Workshops ~ Retreats
Holistic Bodywork in Water
Aquatic Dance & Art

Have a look:

Liquid Light – The Film

Aquatic Reconnection



Lao Mari Mälzer

~ lives, travels and works in Berlin, Europe and around the globe
~ loves the Light, the Water, the Nature and the miracles of this Universe
~ supports other people with all her heart to heal & grow, dance & sing, laugh & love
~ is trained in several healing methods such as homeopathy, Chinese medicine, kinesiology, shiatsu, aguahara, reflexology, massage, energetic healing, dance & meditation and is curious to learn much more
~ has already traveled quite a lot on the path of (self-)discovery and wishes to always keep on traveling
~ has over the past 15 years organized, co-organized and facilitated projects, camps, festivals, retreats, courses, workshops, seminars, groups, actions & gatherings and loves doing it
~ wishes and works for peace, freedom, social justice and ecological respect in this world
~ shares her life with kids, family, friends, plants, animals and other beautiful beings


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You can write to me in: English, Deutsch, Español, Português.