Aguahara-Training Level 1 at Liquidzome, Portugal

Aguahara is a dance-like art of moving another body in the water with connection and awareness, silent listening and presence. One person is held and floated on the surface by another. Then, depending on the person and moment, a combination of tender, playful, opening, calm or energetic movements, forms and positions can be created, both on the surface and under water. Although there are specific moves supporting a creative process, each session is unique. Aguahara is an energetic bodywork, which involves the connection and consciousness of water within us and our planet as a vital element, in an exercise of experimentation and confidence.
Both receiver and giver may experience: Loosening muscles and articulations, reduction of pain, deep contemplation, emotions, pre- and postnatal memories, pleasure, images, journeys to the inner self, flow of life energy, connection, euphoria, etc. Aguahara, not only as an aquatic bodywork technique but also as a philosophy and a community, is growing, developing and spreading all over the world. It is inspired by Janzu, Watsu and Water Dance among other methods, as well as by Contact Improvisation, Buddhism, Taoism, meditation practices and martial arts. Aguahara could also be seen as a conscious water massage.

In the first level we concentrate on our connection to the water, ourselves and our partner and learn to give sessions on the surface of the water. This training includes single and group exercises, practice and theory class, waterdance session, supervised practice and group exchange. Most of the time is spent in the warm, calm and transparent water of the Liquid Zome but also some on land for theory classes, additional exercises and sharings. This week can be a moving and intensive experience discovering ourselves as water-beings and for deepening the understanding of this element and our relation with it. We learn how to move another body in Water and how to surrender to being moved as a dance in which the Water is, at the same time, field of experience and connection´s agent.

Opening on Friday 7th 17-20h
Every day 9.30-18h, including breaks
Tuesday 14.30-18h

Self-experience is part of the Aguahara training. Participants who have never received a professional Aguahara session can scedule an appointment either with Lao or Joana, the days before or after the course.

Portuguese & English, depending on the needs of the group. Translation into Spanish and German can be provided.

Lao Mari Mälzer, Berlin/ Germany * Practitioner and facilitator for transformative practices (natural therapy, shiatsu, Aguahara, dance, inner work, energetic healing, life coaching). // facebook:
„In water I love dancing, flowing, diving and holding the space for others while learning and having their personal processes. I enjoy the deep loving connection and stillness we can experience in an Aguahara session and it’s my pleasure to transmit that.“